Granulated enzymatic pool whit differentiated pectolitic activity, specific for difficult flotations.

Powder enzymatic formula with high and differentiated pectolitic activity, FLOTTOZIMA® PLUS has been developed specially for oenological use for reducing the viscosity of the meanand modify the hydrophilicity of the pectins, thereby facilitating clarification by floatation.

Pool enzimatico ad elevata e differenziata attività pectolitica, FLOTTOZIMA® PLUS degrada le pectine in polimeri di dimensioni ottimali per la rapida formazione del flocculo durante il processo di flottazione. Riduce la viscosità del mezzo, in questo modo agevola il processo di flottazione, ottenendo una rapida separazione delle parti solide, anche in caso di prodotti particolarmente difficili


For a specific final result in separation, it is possible to take advantage of the combination of these coadyuvants: FLOTTOGEL®FLOTTOPLUS® 2.0FLOTTOBENT® and FLOTTOCARB®, all expressively selected for their incredibly reciprocal interaction and the optimization of the floatation process.

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