FSSC 22000 Certification

FSSC 22000 Certification

Enologica Vason obtained the FSSC 22000 (Food Safety System Certification 22000 Version 4.1)

This certification represents a further goal in terms of safety and quality of the working environment. It follows other certifications obtained over the years with regard to the high quality standards of food safety in the production process of chemical, biochemical and technological adjuvants for the beverage industry

FSSC 22000 Certification is the effective synthesis of three approaches:

  •          a specific management system for food safety, which integrates the company's general management system, in line with other standards such as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.
  •          an effective methodology for risks identification (hazard analysis) and risk management based on HACCP standards, which optimise efficiency and effectiveness in the field of agro-food safety;
  •          a detailed guide to the programm prerequisites, as required by ISO/TS 22000 to meet the specific needs of the retailer, with regard to due diligence and related issues. 

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