X-PRO® is a revolutionary research program developed by Enologica Vason. The project aims on adding value to the wine’s character while preserving and enhancing the natural fining and evolution process. No chemical substances and no additives, but the idea of using the natural and well-known ability of the micro-organisms of the wine to stabilize and improve the wine’s quality. This process includes a completely new lysis procedure that preserves entirely the yeast’s characteristics, the production is run at a very low temperature in a vacuum system without any enzymes addition.


X-PRO® PROTECTIONhas a great reducing capacity, with a specific action against wine’s oxidations. Its use not only allows to prevent oxidations, providing high redox stability in treated wines but also ensures a marked activity against the already oxidized components. For these characteristics is to be considered a great alternative to some conventional clarifying agents. 

X-PRO® IDENTITY WHITE: acts on the wine’s bouquet only in its preservation, saving its original and varietal identity. Very discreet on the palate, brings elegance while integrating vegetal and bitter notes and dry tannins, balancing the overall mouthfeel and taste, bringing out minerality. X-PRO® IDENTITY WHITE can be used during fining but even to the last clarifying operations since has been demonstrated that it does not create instability, but on the contrary contributes to the tartaric and protein stability of the wine.

X-PRO® IDENTITY RED: integrates disharmonic sensations on the palate, bitter and vegetal ones overall, gently contributing to the final harmony of the wine reducing astringency. In particular works on the dryer sensations making them less evident. It contributes to the preservation over time of the original identity of the wine, protecting the varietal notes and balancing the redox system, improving the mouthfeel by giving greater length and roundness. Has been observed that X-PRO® IDENTITY RED has a certain effect towards tartaric and color stabilization on red wines. 

X-PRO® FINESSE: is ideal to enhance the elegance of sparkling wines, while improving finesse and duration of the perlage, it can be added during the secondary fermentation, or even immediately after. From a sensory point of view, it acts on the wine’s bouquet only in its preservation, improving the finesse on the palate. It has clear capacities of enhancing the perlage’s characteristics and the foam’s persistence. Has been observed that X-PRO® FINESSE has a partial effect on wine’s protein stabilization and against colloidal precipitations.


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