The choice of these two fine macromolecules and their specific balance in solution, contribute to the original formulation of ICON® STAB – a specific product designed to contribute to the tartaric and colloidal stabilisation of wines and simultaneously contribute to the sensorial harmony on the palate.

The gum arabic in ICON® STAB is obtained from selected raw materials, originating from Acacia verek. Its preparation does not involve the use of chemical or enzymatic treatments in the purification phase. It is a complex polysaccharide, with high molecular weight and significant stabilising power against colloidal precipitations. The particular potassium polyaspartate selected for this unique product is one of the most effective stabilisers against potassium tartaric precipitations. Unlike metatartaric acid, it does not break down with temperature; therefore, in a stable colloidal system, it does not lose effectiveness over time.
In general, it is noted that sometimes, potassium polyaspartate can interact with colour if used in red wines. Therefore ICON® STAB has been designed to act as a protective colloid also on these possible induced colour instabilities, as well as, of course, for tartaric stability.


Order of 09/15/2020

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