Potassium polyaspartate in solution with stabilizing action on the tartaric component of wines. Stabilizing agent with preventive action on tartaric precipitation, it can be used on all wines that are stable in terms of protein and colloidal state.

  • Present and active, including post inert microfiltration.
  • Does not alter protein stability.

Produced and marketed under licence on European patent no. EP 2694637, granted by Esseco s.r.l. with a contract dated 13 February 2017 and acknowledged by the Court of Milan with Law dated 15 September 2020: Order of 09/15/2020


We are pleased to announce that with the Order of 18 July 2023 that is attached hereto, the Court of Milan, while accepting an Appeal filed by us, established that the notices mentioned herein recently released by Esseco on the market regarding KPA-based products sold by us  "appear to integrate an illegitimate behavior because it is in contrast with the agreement of 13.2.2017 that provided for Esseco to put Vason in a position to in turn sell the polyaspartate-based oenological products  (...) and it’s also incorrect in terms of competition in the market for potassium polyaspartate-based oenological stabilizers; the above is all the more serious and deserving of the inhibitory action requested because they are intended to represent to the market or to individual customers that Vason's products do not meet the requirements imposed by the regulations of the wine sector".

Therefore, the Court of Milan prohibited Esseco and its agents from disseminating "false and tendentious and discrediting news and assessments and, in particular, news and assessments that:

i) lead to believe that potassium polyaspartate-based products for oenological use can be marketed exclusively by Esseco and by its distribution channels, without specifying with equal importance that Vason can also do so, as its licensee authorized to do so by the agreement settlement of 13 February 2017;

ii) lead to believe that wines enriched with potassium polyaspartate-based products for oenological use not coming from Esseco but from Vason cannot be marketed in the markets where the exclusivity period agreed inter partes is in force".

The Court of Milan also ordered the publication of this Order "as a landing page of the website in the ways that make it immediately visible for 60 consecutive days” and, therefore, you can find it published on the website also at the above-mentioned URL.

Obviously, it’s in place the case on the merits in the context of which the above-mentioned Order was issued, which is subject to appeal (the so-called "complaint").


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