The natural protection for redox in white and rosé musts, with stabilizing activity.
Ideal to use from the early processing stages, X-PRO® GRAPES is the perfect tool for winemaking protocols aimed at reducing the use of sulfites.
Result of a multiannual research, it has been formulated from the remarks of the synergistic activity between inactivated yeast obtained with the X-PRO® process and special chitosans of fungal origin (Aspergillus niger).
Results from must application: fast clarification, with fining and protective effect of the polyphenols more susceptible to oxidations, and preservation over time of the varietal aromatic characteristics.
The reduction of the suspended solids and the consequent microbiota, if handled properly, can positively affect the expressivity and course of the fermentation to give cleaner, more expressive and characteristic wines with longer shelf life.

X-PRO® PROCESS, key factor to mark the new frontier for winemaking products
No chemicals, but the precise will to take advantage of the innate and well-known stabilizing capacities of the fundamental elements of the wine micro-organisms. This is possible thanks to the completely innovative lysis process that completely preserves the characteristics of the fresh yeasts selected: the X-PRO® process is made in a conditioned environment, at low temperature and without the use of exogenous enzymes.

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