Integral fermentation activator, brand new concept, 100% organic.

Produced in accordance with the latest knowledge on obtaining yeast derivatives, the X-PRO® process makes it possible to keep a unique amount of fine ammoniacal nitrogen, microelements, sterols and cofactors contained in the active fresh yeasts, intact in the compound.
The right amounts of X-PRO® VERVE in the must are able to favour special conditions of fermentative balance and serenity and to regulate the redox system so as to preserve the primary aromas of the grapes.

_ It maintains a greater fraction of active sulphur dioxide in wine
_ It is applicable in vinification with low sulphite levels
_ It is ideal for obtaining wines where the full expression of the variety and terroir is absolutely necessary
_ It prevents the onset of possible organoleptic sensorial interference so as to produce wines that respect the original concept of the product

Also highly suitable for use in second fermentation, in the production of fine sparkling and spumanti wines.

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