Very pure “pigskin” alimentary gelatine specific for flotation.

Flottogel® is the first oenological adjuvant selected through the evaluation of surface electrical charge. It has been successfully applied in clarification processes through flotation of grape must and fruit juices. The raw materials used in its production ensure the formation of a hydrophobic floc able to easily adhere to the gas used in the separation processes through flotation.

Flottogel® is characterised by a limited detannification power; it is therefore recommended for low-tannin wines that need to be clarified in order to clear or improve the filterability of the product while respecting their structure and colour.

The raw materials used during the production of Premium® Gel Grado 3 are guaranteed not to originate from genetically modified organisms (GMO-free) and are free from the risk of BSE.


Due to its characteristics it is the most suited in its category for flotation and works perfectly in synergy with the products Flottocarb® and Flottobent®, preferably following a preparation treatment of the must with Flottozima®.

In continuous flotation systems the Flottogel® solution is in-line dosed by Dosacom® systems.

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