Flottoplus® 2.0

Chitosan-rich cell walls with high surface electric charge specific for flotation and clearing – ALLERGEN FREE

Flottoplus® 2.0 has been successfully applied in the flotation processes of grape musts and fruit juices. The raw materials used in production of Flottoplus® 2.0 optimally ensure the formation of a floc capable of easily adhering to the gas used in flotation separation processes.

In addition, Flottoplus® 2.0 is characterised by a strong clearing effect and a moderate detannifying power.

As part of the first “SIMEI-ENOVITIS 2011 innovation award” competition the innovative content of Flottoplus® 2.0 was recognised through a mention assigned by the appointed Committee.


Due to its characteristics it is the most suited product in its category for flotation and works perfectly in synergy with the products Flottocarb® and Flottobent®, preferably following a preparation treatment of the must with Flottozima®.

In continuous flotation systems the Flottogel® solution is in-line dosed by Dosacom® systems.

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