Clarito® Superflow

Clarito® Superflow

Polycompound clarifying agent with excellent clearing and filterability improvement actions - ALLERGEN FREE

Clarito® Superflow is a clarifying agent based on vegetal raw materials designed for rapid and effective clarifications.

It belongs to the S.C.D.-tested product line (Streaming Current Detector); its formulation is characterised by a high surface electric charge which allows efficient clarification of the colloids responsible for clogging filtration equipment in order to obtain consist improvements in the product’s filterability.

Clarito® Superflow has strong clarifying and clearing powers that make it extremely suitable in the treatment of wines and vinegars that are particularly difficult to clarify. It has also been successfully used in flotation.

The balanced presence of vegetal proteins with low over-fining effect and selected fast-acting bentonites allow a limited adsorption action towards the phenolic fractions to be obtained. Thus the decolouring and depletion effects on the treated product are minimised. Optimal performance for difficult-to-filter red wines.

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