Safe Tan<sup>®</sup> SG

Safe Tan® SG

Highly soluble, specific blend of gallotannins. Very useful tool in the case of grapes with compromised health status and, in general, for redox protection.

Gallotannins extracted from selected vegetable materials, extremely reactive with proteins. Therefore, Safe Tan® SG carries outs antioxidant protection, despite being an excellent direct oxygen acceptor, hence it is suitable for reductive white wine vinification. It has a clarifying activity and helps to maintain a body with greater depth while interfering at an organoleptic level in a limited way.

Essential in the case of unhealthy grapes, particularly in the presence of Botrytis cinerea due to also limiting the doses of SO2. At different doses, with these specific functions it is suitable both on white and red wines.

A special granulation treatment makes Safe Tan® SG readily soluble in water while respecting its valuable organoleptic qualities and specific reactivity (SG Patent).


Safe Tan® SG displays a synergistic action with traditional reducing products (e.g.: Flavour Save) used in white wine vinification for creating redox protection.

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