Powdered beta-glucanase enzyme preparation with lysogenic activity for clarification and filtration of wines made from botrytised grapes.

Mannozym® is used for the treatment of wines made from botrytised grapes, since breaking down glucans allows for their clarification and filtration. Nevertheless, the most appealing application of MANNOZYM® is linked to its effect on yeast cell walls, since its displays marked lysogenic action that increases the presence of cellular yeast constituents in the wine and especially mannoproteins, known stabilisers of the colloidal system.

The use of Mannozym® is also attractive for vinification of reduced white wines and red wines for which the company’s specific official procedures are available.


Very attractive results are obtained by adding Mannozym® and L.P.A.®(Active Yeast Paste) towards the end of alcoholic fermentation during the initial refinement phases, providing general stabilisation and protection of the colloidal system. From an organoleptic viewpoint, the treated wines give greater volume in the mouth and greater olfactory complexity.

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