Powdered enzyme specific for the extraction and liberation of varietal aromatic components from grape skins, as well as for clarification.

Enzymatic pool perfectly suited for use on grapes and musts, even during maceration. Zimafruit® has been designed for obtaining wines with full varietal aromatic expression and for improving must clarification. It does not have anthocyanins activity, therefore it may also be advantageously used in red wine vinification.

Zimafruit® can be used directly on grapes or during maceration, in contact with the skins. Its use both in white wine and red wine vinification for the extraction of varietal and fruity notes is appealing,carried outaccording to the most advanced vinification procedures (Tuttifrutti®procedures).


For a specific extraction style, the differentiated use of several enzymes during red wine vinification is appealing: Exrared L and Zimared® Plus.

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