Zimared® Plus

Enzyme preparation for the production of red wines, which facilitates the extraction of anthocyanins and polyphenols.

Zimared® Plus is a pectolytic enzyme used during maceration for producing red wines. It allows:

  • the extraction of anthocyanins to be anticipated
  • the extraction of tannin-like polyphenols to be facilitated
  • the contact time and the number of punch downs and pump overs to be reduced
  • clarification and filtration procedures to be improved
  • the liquid-to-solid ratio to be increased

For best results gradually add Zimared® Plus in an aliquoted fashion during maceration, as recommended by the specific procedures available through our Technical Service.


For a specific extraction style, the differentiated use of more enzymes during red wine vinification is appealing: Exrared L and Zimarom®.

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