Smartgum ®

SMARTGUM® is obtained from high quality Acacia verek, a botanical species capable of producing an exudate that has levorotatory power. It doesn’t contain sulphur dioxide.

Enologica Vason’s R&D department devised an exclusive production process that respects the integrity of this protective colloid and maintains its filterability even on microporous
membranes: there is no hydrolysis process, but a specific solubilization method followed by a dedicated "SMART" filtration process.

The filterability is controlled, for each lot, by Enologica Vason’s QC Laboratory through verification of the Filterability Index and Vmax with the QFT System (*) by Ju.Cla.S.
SMARTGUM® is innovative also because it’s microbiologically stabilized and packed in a container perfectly sealed, able to avoid oxygen both during storage and use of
the product (Pouch-Up®).

SMARTGUM® behaves like a perfectly stable hydrophilic colloid, forming a quasi-protective layer around the hydrophobic colloids which, therefore, are not able to aggregate
and cloud the wine; this effective stabilizing effect is ensured by the presence of a protein fraction that is able to increase the colloidal complexity of the wine, greatly
improving the sensorial characteristics such as mouthfeel and softness on the palate.

SMARTGUM® actively supports the wine’s aromatic substances.

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