MASTERVIN<sup>®</sup> BIO ARABAN<sup>®</sup> SPRAY DRY


Organica gum arabic for colloidal stabilization of wine.

MASTERVIN® BIO ARABAN® SPRAY DRY is obtained from selected organic raw materials (Acacia verek). It has neither impurities nor pesticide residues. No chemical or enzyme treatment is needed during purification. MASTERVIN® BIOARABAN® SPRAY DRYcomplies with organic EC Regulation 834/2007. 

Drying is obtained through the “spray dry” technique, which keeps the molecule structure unaltered and allows quick molecular re-hydration. MASTERVIN® BIOARABAN® SPRAY DRY acts as a stable hydrophilic colloid by creating a protective layer around the hydrophobic colloids, preventing them from aggregating and causing wine turbidity.

MASTERVIN® BIOARABAN® SPRAY DRYshould preferably be added to clear wines shortly before bottling. 


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