V Antiox®

Ascorbic acid and sulphur dioxide based formulation with antioxidant action.

Due to its balanced composition, V Antiox® has a high antioxidant power and can be used in wine and alcoholic beverages.

The ascorbic acid and sulphur dioxide present in V Antiox® help to lower the wine’s pH, resulting in a long-lasting reducing power.

The synergy of action of its components makes the following objectives possible:

  • lowering of the redox potential,
  • protection against ferric and enzymatic “casses”,
  • protection from microbial alterations.

Adding V Antiox® to wine leads to better preservation over time due to achieving a redox balance, ideal for preserving aromas, freshness, fruitiness, as well as the product’s typicality.

V Antiox® is also suitable for the treatment of wines with low acidity.

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