Araban® Spray Dry

Integral, long-chain gum arabic powder for improved colloidal stabilisation of wines

Obtained from selected raw materials derived from Acacia Verek, Araban® Spray Dry islaevorotatory, and free of impurities and pesticide residues.

It does not contain stabilizers, nor sulphur dioxide.

It is prepared using the ‘spray dry’ technique, which leaves the molecular structure intact and allows rapid rehydration.

Araban® Spray Dry is able to act as a stable, hydrophilic colloid, improving the sensations of roundness and smoothness on the palate. It does not interfere with the olfactory characteristics .

To be used in the stages that precede bottling and, in general, packaging.


Araban® Spray Dry facilitates and prolongs the action of the metatartaric acid Meta V® and of V CMC.

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