Premium® Vite SG

Granulated product obtained from the combination of tannins extracted from different noble fractions of Vitis vinifera: leaf, stem, seed and grape skin. For this unique quality PREMIUM® VITE SG is extraordinarily suited for winemaking.

PREMIUM® VITE SG confers to the product a longer durability in time and resistance to oxidations. The treated wines remain aromatically more fresh and complex, supported in their constitutive structure. It encloses the condensed and ellagic nature of Vitis vinifera, therefore at sensory level acts delicately on the wine’s structure, allowing the wine to express itself in olfactory terms.

A particular treatment called “instantaneization” makes PREMIUM® FUSION SG quickly soluble in water, respecting the precious organoleptic qualities and his specific reactivities (SG Patent).

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