Premium® Vinacciolo SG

Elegant, condensed tannin-based granular product, the result of a careful selection of the best extractable grape tannins.

The composition of Premium® Vinacciolo SG is characteristically catechinic, which comes from well-ripened berries. Hence it has a very pleasant and fresh organoleptic aspect, which once blended into the structure helps to maintain the wine’s redox stability over time. Its formulation gives it a high reactivity both towards proteins (including the polyphenol oxidases) and colouring substances, giving it limited clarifying activity. Due to its finesses and reactivity, it can be used from vinification until the phases preceding bottling.

Premium® Vinacciolo SG is the catechinic par excellence.

A special treatment called “instantising” makes Premium® Vinacciolo SG readily soluble in water while respecting its valuable organoleptic qualities and specific reactivity (SG Patent).


Premium® Vinacciolo SG is an integral part of VASONGROUP’s official micro-oxygenation procedures

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