Tan® Fruit Blanc

Tan® Fruit Blanc

Grape and green tea tannin based reducing formulation

Tan® Fruit Blanc has been designed to give complete protection against the action of oxygen in musts. The simultaneous presence of fine catechinic tannins and antioxidant active ingredients (L-ascorbic acid and potassium metabisulphite) allows Tan® Fruit Blanc to act on the must’s redox potential. Therefore, it is possible to maintain the original aromatic characteristics and transfer them to the final product, resulting in fresh, fruity, yet varietal wines.

Enologica Vason’s technical service is available for best including Tan® Fruit Blanc in vinification procedures.


During reductive white wine vinification, it is very attractive to make the action of antioxidant protection synergistic even in the most delicate phases – the transfer into the wine press. For this particular action innovative gradual-release Easytab tablets have been designed.

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