Premium® Uva SG

Elegant condensed tannin-based product extracted from grapes.

PREMIUM® UVA SG reflects the tannic composition naturally present in grapes. Its high reactivity towards proteins and colouring substances makes it a very important tool in vinification. It has a clarifying action.

Its use as a form of protection in white wines is recommended from the end of fermentation onward when pouring . Also recommended when mashing to limit the action of oxidative enzymes and as a stabiliser in red wines from racking onward. It is also useful in the structuration phases in the presence of oxygen.

Optimal effect for redox stability, even when bottling. At restricted doses it enhances and maintains the wine’s freshness.

A special treatment called “instantising” makes Premium® Uva SG readily soluble in water while respecting its valuable organoleptic qualities and specific reactivity (SG Patent).


Premium® Uva SG is an integral part of VASONGROUP’s official micro-oxygenation procedures.

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