Premium® Limousin SG

A historic and well-known product that embodies the success of tannins in oenology, the most inert ellagic tannin in a readily soluble form.

Obtained from French oak timber through a specific extraction process, ellagic Premium® Limousin SG is an ultimate benchmark due to the versatility of the actions it is known for. It is used to give stability, while its remarkable gustatory and olfactory refinement, even in white wines, allow to ensure longevity and fragrance. An excellent pH regulator, it helps to give remarkable longevity over time. It has a suppressed clarifying action. Ideal for refermentation and finishing; also optimal in vinification.

A special treatment called “instantising” makes Premium® Limousin SG readily soluble in water while respecting its valuable organoleptic qualities and its specific reactivity (SG Patent).


PREMIUM® LIMOUSIN SG is a key part of VASONGROUP’s official vinification and micro-oxygenation procedures.

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