Smartan® SG

Highly soluble, soft ellagic tannins in a granular blend obtained from French oak.

If added from the start of crushing, Smartan® SG helps to maintain the wine’s structure, forming a chemical complex with unkind organoleptic notes. It is used to manage reduction, reducing the “vegetable” notes coming from extracted tannins and to give harmony and oxidative resistance. It has a mild clarifying action and it is delicate if applied during refinement and finishing of white wines.

When used on red wines from racking onward, Smartan® SG gently contributes to the structuration phase of the polyphenolic component at the moderately aerobic phase, and during refinement to provide greater stability to wines. It has a moderate clarifying action.

A special treatment called “instantising” makes Smartan® SG readily soluble in water while respecting its valuable organoleptic qualities and specific reactivity (SG Patent).


Smartan® SG is suited for joint use with micro-oxygenation.

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