Ti Premium® SG

Highly soluble, granular catechinic tannin extracted from green tea. Optimal redox management.

Ti Premium® SG is a tannin with high catechinic content, with a very similar composition to that of grapes, obtained through a smooth extraction process from the best selections of green tea. The composition of this product stands out for the presence of very reactive valuable elements against anthocyanins and oxidase enzymes (laccases and polyphenol oxidases), thus it has optimal use even on musts. It has a moderate clarifying action.

Treated wines show greater smoothness, roundness and fresher aromas. The sensory interactions of other catechinic tannins non-grape-derived from grapes (e.g. quebracho). Ideal for white and rosé wines. Also optimal for red wines for improving lifespan.

A special treatment called “instantising” makes Ti Premium® SG readily soluble in water while respecting its valuable organoleptic qualities and specific reactivity (SG Patent).


Ti Premium® SG has a highly synergistic action with traditional reducing products (e.g.: Flavour Save) used in white wine vinification for creating redox protection.

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