V Tan® SG

Pool of ellagic, gallic and catechinic tannins with synergistic action for colour stabilisation and red wine structuration. Granulated.

Less complex compared to Premium® Color and Colorstab®, it displays the same reactivity as them. Synthesis of the most important actions required in colour stabilisation, it is suitable for use from pressing until racking, in the phases called “structuration” that take place in partially aerobic conditions. It has a clarifying action. Lower doses during refinement for protecting the wine.

It carries out these attractive actions without causing organoleptic imbalances in the future wine, given that V Tan® SG is well-balanced and capable of expressing its fresh and fruity aromatic potential in the wine.

It is a granular product, thus readily soluble even in cold water (SG Patent).


V Tan® SG is suitable for joint use with micro-oxygenation.

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