Premium® Supertuscan

Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Harmony and excellence. Yeast suited for production of red wines with great structure, a high alcohol level and long refinement. It stimulates FML and adds an elegant fruitiness.

This strain is selected on the hills of Siena in Tuscany. Premium® Supertuscan is a strain recommended for the production of excellent, full-bodied red wines intended for malolactic fermentation and enhancement during refinement. It is ideal for the fermentation of musts that will produce harmonious wines with remarkable structure and high alcohol content.

The Premium® Supertuscan strain is part of the Vason collection: a research project to enhance indigenous yeasts capable of highlight the characteristics of individual grape varieties. Its isolation, selection, and desiccation and fermentation tests were coordinated by VASONGROUP’s Research and Development department.


Experiments conducted in collaboration with leading research institutes relating to yeast-bacterial synergies show it is extremely well suited also to early co-inoculations.

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