ACTIVE YEAST IN PASTE - Saccharomyces bayanus

Finesse and quality. Guarantees a safe and rapid start of the fermentation process even in the presence of high alcohol content. Can be used late in the process through bâtonnage.

L.P.A.® is a wet form preparation of a particular strain of Saccharomyces bayanus, selected for the finesse that it imparts to fermented wines. It has an appealing use in the vinification of products with high alcohol content and during refermentation.

The preparation’s paste has the advantage of being easy to use and guarantees a safe and fast start of the fermentation process. Indeed, during its preparation and conservation it does not undergo “shock” from desiccation/rehydration and thus perfectly retains its physiological characteristics and fermentation strength.

The use of L.P.A.® through late inoculation makes it perfect for bâtonnage and ensures an appealing liberation of lysis substances during refinement, bringing smoothness to the treated wine.

This approach can stimulate malolactic fermentation and, in any case, it also contributes to the general stabilisation and protection of the colloidal system.


If used in later phases, the synergy made with the enzyme Mannozym® is very appealing.

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