Premium® Zinfandel

Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Selected in Salento from Primitivo di Manduria wine in order to give life to an international style. Suitable for managing high alcohol fermentations.

Premium® Zinfandel is ideal for the production of high quality red wines. This strain is able to conduct clean and regular fermentation even at high temperatures, ensuring good results even for musts vinified without thermoregulation.

It was selected for its appealing characteristic of producing a very reduced quantity of volatile acidity. These characteristics have made Premium® Zinfandel the benchmark strain for properly managing high alcohol fermentations.

It does not tend to produce sulphur compounds that could interfere with the aromatic expression of the original grape variety.

The Premium® Zinfandel strain is part of the Vason collection: a research project to exploit native yeasts capable of highlighting differences.

Its isolation, selection, and desiccation and fermentation tests were coordinated by VASONGROUP’s Research and Development department. We would like to thank oenologists Giuseppe Contino and Tommaso Pinto for their important contribution.


Experiments conducted in collaboration with leading research institutes relating to yeast-bacterial synergies show it is extremely well suited also to early co-inoculations.

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