Premium® Chardonnay

Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Aromatic cleanliness and elegance both during primary fermentation and prise de mousse, where it gives complexity to the wine. Selected for the production of high-class wines.

Ceppo POF- a strain that has demonstrated excellent ability in primary fermentations and refermentations in which the final organoleptic by-product brings out the characteristics of freshness and pleasantness in the final product, optimally sustaining the typical aromas of the grape variety.
It has a low demalication ability and the capacity to be a good cryophilic fermenter, in keeping with sparkling-winemaking technologies. Aromatically, PREMIUM® CHARDONNAY is characterised by its ability to highlight floral aromas, while limiting the heavier notes. These characteristics have always distinguished it in sensory analyses.


Experiments conducted in collaboration with leading research institutes relating to yeast-bacterial synergies show it is extremely well suited to early co-inoculations.

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