Evaluation of protein stability

As part of the Intervitis-Interfructa exhibition in Stuttgart (April 2007) an international committee recognized the innovative content of Proteotest®, the result of the in-depth knowledge of tannins in VASONGROUP's  Research and Development Department.

This is a laboratory test for evaluating the protein stability of wines, carried out under oenological conditions. It does not introduce arbitrary changes and shows what accurately mimics the mechanism of protein instability. The information that is obtained leads to greater respect for the integrity and sensory quality of the wine to be treated.

The test is carried out at room temperature and the results may be obtained within a few minutes.

In 2018 the VASONGROUP's R&D Department carried out a deep comparison study between the different methods to better evaluate the protein stability whit a specific deepening on the predictive capabilities of the Proteotest®.

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