Evaluation of tartaric stability

Too often tables and theoretical calculations do not represent a real help for the evaluation of a wine’s effective stability. Each wine must be considered individually due to its characteristics.

Due to its ability to carry out tests automatically, the Criotester represents the definitive solution for being able to evaluate:

  • If a wine needs to be stabilised
  • The ability of a wine to be stabilised
  • The temperature at which the natural formation of crystals in the wine takes place

The Criotester is available in Enologica Vason laboratories. For an evaluation of the degree of instability generally in a wine and particularly for the determination of the treatment to be carried out with electrodialysis, there is a specific piece of equipment developed in collaboration with the INRA in Montpellier: the Stabilab. This device is also available in Enologica Vason laboratories.