High alcohol (>13% ABV) fermentation

Going further and further to specialise viticulture in order to obtain elegant, personal wines with great impact, however, with ongoing climate changes it is not unusual to end up with high alcohol contents. Although the selection of yeasts has supplied a range of very valuable solutions, both the culturing of yeast and the nutritional strategy remain particularly important.

A new way of thinking about this subject is to give greater importance to yeast rehydration and preconditioning during a dedicated pied de cuve (Easyferm® by Ju.Cla.S).

There is also a procedure for wines > 13% ABV that provides an innovative nutritional concept for yeast. The strain that is optimally suited to the most extreme conditions is Premium® Zinfandel, selected from Primitivo di Manduria wine.

Another option is to carry out a second inoculation: this solution is incorporated in the sequential fermentation procedure developed by the Research and Development department in winter fermentations of Amarone. Premium® Fructo yeast is recommended for the second inoculation.

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