Protein stability

The use of tannins as a feature of clarification is linked to the sensory alteration that derives from their use following the required dose.

You can contribute to protein stability in white wines through the use of specific tannins such as Premium® Uva SG, Ti Premium® SG, Safe Tan® SG and Premium® Stab SG, which are highly reactive towards proteins. These tannins respect the organoleptic component of the original wine without weakening its structure.

Another more traditional solution: bentonite, which is the deproteinising component par excellence. This approach involves sodium activated bentonites divided into granules (Plusgran® and Plusgran® Gel) or powder (Flottobent® and V Bentonite).

All these solutions can be used via microdosing, since they have a very high deproteinising power. Plusgran® Gel is even higher in the standards of excellence.

For a bigger compacting action on the deposit use Mastervin® Compact – a bentonite that is integrated with silica gels and colloidal silicas during its granulation: from this new product clearer clarifications, compact deposits and respect for the colour can be obtained.


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