Sterile bottling

Automatic microfiltration system

Since its foundation, Vason Group has been interested in the microbiological cold stabilisation of wine through microporous membranes. In 1998, the first realisation of a completely automatic system (Sofos®) managed by a PC interfaced to a filling machine. Once online, Sofos® carries out the membrane integrity test and is able to independently carry out and control all the sterilisation, filtration, venting, CIP detersion and filter cartridge regeneration procedures etc., memorising all the relevant parameters (T°, Δp, flow rates, consumption). This requirement stems from the understanding that even only minimal non-compliance with operating parameters is enough to compromise the product’s quality and/or the longevity of the membranes. The operating partnership with Merck-Millipore™ allows respective skills to be combined and the most suitable solutions for the individual customer to be provided.

Manual microfiltration system

In order to also provide definitive solutions in manual systems it is necessary to evaluate all the variables involved: filtering materials, detergents and sanitisers. The most important aspect is always writing procedures that are tailored to each individual user.
The first step is to verify the winery practices (cold water, warm water, steam and technical gases) in order to then agree on the management of the systems together with the customer. Microfiltration manuals are available that concern specific products (V Sanex®, Biocida V®).
V Sanex® Foam is used with foaming systems in the bottling industry for sanitisation of surfaces.
Spray Steril Eco is a suitable product for the sanitisation of surfaces in the bottling area.
Our technical service is able to carry out on-site microbiological monitoring on request.
Innovative equipment is available to independently carry out microbiological testing in the winery (Gibertini Nucleocounter and bioluminescence).