Icon® Gum

Intact long chain arabic gum, levorotatory and microfiltrable.

ICON® GUM is obtained from raw material coming from Acacia Verek, botanical specie able to produce an exudate with levorotatory power on the polarized light. The quality and the enological properties of this gum are definitely very interesting since the gum’s structure is a long chain. Enologica Vason’s R&D department devised an exclusive production process, such to respect the integrity of this colloidal protector, allowing it either way, to be filtered even on microporous cartridges: it is not hydrolyzed, but for its production was adopted a solubilization method followed by a dedicated “SMART” filtration system.

ICON® GUM’s filterability is consequently controlled on every lot by Enologica Vason’s QC lab through the verification of the filterability index and Vmax with Ju.Cla.S. QFT system.

ICON® GUM is very effective against color substances’ precipitation and, generically, for keeping the sensations of roundness and softness on the palate. To use in the phases preceding bottling and, generally speaking, packaging.

Combo Approach®

ICON® GUM helps to prolong the action of metatartaric acid META V® and V CMC L, the liquid carboxymethylcellulose.

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